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In and about Rome

Rome tells a new story every day.

Rome still bears witness to the enormous empire it once controlled which went from Great Britain to Mesopotamia. The city is still dotted with archaeological sites, beautiful palazzos and grand monuments that adorn every corner of the city’s centre, allowing us to enjoy a sort of double dimension:  there is the Eternal City we come across at every turn as we spot the fragment of an ancient column here and there, and then there is the modern city which reinvents itself every day giving it a new and dynamic identity.

Hotel d’Inghilterra is near to many of the vestiges of historical Rome: the Spanish Steps with its monumental stairway and the house in which the poet John Keats lived, the Trevi Fountain next to Palazzo Poli, the ancient Roman temple dedicated to the gods of Olympus known as the Pantheon, Villa Borghese and its Bernini sculptures, Galleria Borghese and the National Gallery of Modern Art. Modern Rome is also not far away and a visit to Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica and the so-called “Cloud” by Fuksas at the new EUR congress centre is well worth your while.