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Bond Bar

The best café in Rome has an English accent.

There are many good reasons to grant yourself a well-earned break at the bar of the Hotel d’Inghilterra.  First among them is the delight in discovering one of the most authentically British spots in Italy’s capital, complete with luscious leather armchairs, vintage furniture and art.  This delightfully cosy setting has always attracted great artists and celebrities from the world of entertainment, people like sculptor Alexander Calder, for example, who once drew a marvelous doodle that to this day is jealously guarded by the Hotel’s beloved longtime concierge, Giuseppe Iaquinto.

Apart from its famous guests, the Bond Bar also boasts an illustrious bartender, Peter Reynolds, the crafter of perfect martinis, brilliant Kyr Royals and unforgettable Irish coffees. And the coffee? Well, people cross the city to enjoy a cup of it here in Little England! It so good, in fact, that in 2002 it was awarded the Best Coffee in Rome award and according to the very prestigious Italian gourmet magazine, the Gambero Rosso, it still ranks among the top 13 best espressos in Italy.

Bond Bar
Via Borgognona, 4 - Rome (Italy)
Ph. +39 06 69981500