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Salone Bernini

Clients and loyalty.

After having hosted an event in Sala Bernini, the oratory of the former convent, the desire to always organize events here is hard, if not impossible, to resist. The great and solemn events that have taken place here over the centuries still seem to linger in the air of this sumptuous Salone. As we enter our eyes immediately fall on the commemorative bust of Pope Innocent XI sculpted by Berardo Adrizzoia and looking up we find the extraordinary 18th century fresco painted by Giacomo Triga. Even the 75m² foyer of the Sala Bernini is beautifully furnished with sculptures and paintings by Fabio Sinisca.

Sala Bernini is the ideal venue for truly important events such as high level conventions, wedding banquets and fashion shows. It will be beautifully prepared by our professional staff, experts in the creation of truly magnificent settings that are as lovely as they are functional. Sala Bernini measures 175m² and can accommodate some 220 guests seated theatre-style.