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Sala Melograno

A reception in the Villa

When you enter Sala Melograno you get the distinct feeling that the aristocratic proprietors of the Villa have just gotten up out of their seats at the elegant tables to go for a stroll in the garden. This timeless atmosphere has been beautifully recreated by the renovation work which has brought the hall back to its former splendour, with soft wide arches and decorative Venetian flooring. The furniture has been very carefully selected and the lighting creates lovely chiaroscuro effects that add allure to the elegant, yet familiar, surroundings. The room is a perfect choice for exclusive banquets or cocktail parties.

Sala Melograno has a surface area of 60m² and can host up to 60 standing guests. The hall can be equipped with audio-visual equipment, microphone with speakers (if needed) and a PC projector.