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Luca’s Cuisine

Tuscan cuisine with more than just a dash of creativity

The Philosophy
A profound love of Tuscan cuisine, fresh seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and Luca Ciaffarafà’s innate talent are what make each dish served at Ristorante SaporDivino truly unique. Born and bred in Tuscany, Luca offers his guests the true taste of Siena, its exquisite aromas and divine flavours are food and wine culture at its very best.

Biography of a Chef
Since his first experiences in his grandparent’s restaurant, where he mastered the delicate art of homemade pasta, Luca Ciaffarafà’s professional career has always been guided by a deep love of traditional Tuscan cooking.  This passion, after years of experience and experimentation, has resulted in the extraordinary gastronomic delights that Ristorante SaporDivino offers its quests today. Apart from being a professional sommelier, Luca has also participated in many specialization courses, among them the classes offered at the world famous Istituto Etoile in Venice.